Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fun with a Box

Mary has been having a lot of fun lately with one of the boxes we shipped to ourselves from the states. I'm tempted to call it her first "play pen" but we don't leave her in it unattended and she doesn't really spend that much time in it. 

She loves to practice standing up and the sides of the box make great handles to hold on to and are pretty much the perfect height for her. 

They also provide a handy teething toy. 

She seems to be feeling her teeth more these days but there's no sign of one popping through yet. 

She also loves smaller boxes - see above. 

Woodley developed this play area which consists of Mary's favorite box surrounded by 3 chairs and the sliding door out to the porch. Inside the box is a pillow to cushion her if she falls. From here she can play with toys that we set up for her on the chairs or she can look outside. Best of all, the chairs keep her from tipping the box over.

And sometimes I can even manage to get some reading done while I sit next to her. She likes to help me out with the books. 

I never would have guessed that we would end up using one of the cardboard boxes even more than some of the things we shipped in it! 

What a happy girl in a box!