Sunday, August 2, 2009

Guest Bedroom Update

At last, the guest bedroom is finally coming together! (and it has even been stayed in by 2 guests!) After putting down the flooring, putting up the crown moulding and adding a bed, bedside table, and linens, it now looks like this:

I am so happy with the way it is coming along! The highlight of last week was when the last set of linens arrived. I ordered a few from an online store and several more vintage pieces on eBay. The bed and bedside table we found at antique stores and we love they way it is coming together. 

These pillow cases were one of my eBay finds. They were super cheap (maybe $7 for the pair) and although the lace was made on a machine the buttons look like they are made of bone and they stitching is all hand done so I'm guessing they are fairly old. 

I am also super excited about our new duvet cover. It has a bit of Battenburg Lace in the center and around the edges and for only $50 along with 2 pillowcases, it was so much cheaper than anything new (and nice) that I could find in the stores around Bellingham. 

Now my to do list for the guest bedroom includes: 

1. Finish painting touchups around crown moulding and trim
2. Order curtains
3. Find a white table lamp and floor lamp
4. Find a chair to go with the desk 
5. Find a cozy white reading chair 
6. Find a white frame 
7. Find a better ceiling fixture
8. Hang the mirror I bought for the room somewhere on one of the walls

Altogether though I think it is coming along quite well and it can comfortably accommodate guests now!


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