Saturday, October 31, 2009

Muffins in the Morning

Since I wasn't very good about posting last week, I figured I would take some time to do some catch up posts today.

As I mentioned before, Woodley and I came up with a new schedule that we have been using to provide a bit more order to our days. According to the schedule breakfast is at 8:30am each morning, I spend the early hours of the day cleaning and tidying up the house, lunch is at 12:30pm, the afternoon is spent gardening/sewing/crafting/blogging, and I cook dinner between 5pm and 8pm. This schedule worked fairly well for awhile but it really fell apart this past week when I got a head cold and didn't feel like getting up early and making breakfast at all, let alone spending a couple of hours a day cleaning. However, I'm going to try to go back to it next week and we'll just see how I do.

The week before last though I was doing very well with the schedule and was perhaps getting a bit too pleased with myself. Last Wednesday I got up early, all ready to make muffins for breakfast (just as I had specified on my weekly menu plan).

I cheerfully donned my apron and began sticking muffin papers into my min-muffin tin.

I melted the butter together with the honey and mixed them up thoroughly.

I whisked up the dry ingredients, chopped the dried apricots, and dove into the fridge to grab the one egg I needed to finish the wet ingredients. Alas! There were NO eggs!! Apparently, I forgot to check for them when I went to the store on Monday. I glanced at the clock: 8:05... If I had had the egg, I figured it would just be possible to get breakfast on the table by 8:30. Without the egg, there was no way.

Since I had already gotten so far along into the recipe I decided the only thing to do was to head down to the store and buy more eggs (we don't have any close neighbors whom I could ask that early in the morning). I peeked in at Woodley, he was still sound asleep so I figured I might be able to get to the store and back before he even woke up. That way, even though breakfast would be late, he wouldn't have to sit around waiting for it. So, I ran out to the car and headed down the hill to the grocery store.

Twenty-five minutes later, right at 8:30, I was back with the eggs.


After that, the muffins came together fairly quickly.

I mixed up the wet ingredients and assembled all of the pieces,

added the wet ingredients to the dry,

Mixed it all up,

Tossed them into the muffin pan,

And 20 minutes later the muffins were done!

They were pretty decent but since they weren't amazing I won't bother about sharing the recipe.

I would have thought that by this point in my baking career I would have known enough not to start baking something without first checking to see if I have enough eggs, but apparently I haven't quite learned that lesson yet. Or maybe I just shouldn't try baking things that early in the day. :)


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