Friday, December 4, 2009

Tuscany: Day 1 (November 24, 2009)

After a week in big cities Woodley and I were both so relieved to retreat to the Tuscan countryside with Woodley's parents. Although we had originally thought we would take day trips to various cities, we liked being in the country so much that we spent most of our time at home and only ventured out for dinner or a quick trip to town.

Campiano, the house where we stayed is located way out in the hills near Arezzo. In fact, to get to it we had to travel for 15 minutes on very bumpy dirt/rock roads. It reminded us of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. :) The area around Campiano is covered with terraced hills and olive orchards. The house itself is placed near the top of a large hills so that you have a lovely view of the surrounding hills from most rooms in the house.

On our first morning we went on a long walk with Woodley's mother and discovered lots of beautiful bushes and plants.

Here's a photo of an olive tree covered terrace. Just a few weeks before our visit was the olive harvest and the local farmers were all busy processing their olives during our visit.

One of our big projects for the week was helping Woodley's mother liberate the terraces around the house which had been taken over by blackberry bushes, roses, and vines. This large beautiful rock was also one of our projects - we did a pretty good job of clearing it off on our first afternoon.

Just before going in for the night, Woodley took this picture of me next to the pile of brambles I had cut off of the wall that afternoon. We joked that we were being agro-tourists. :)

Yay! I just love being out in the country!


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