Sunday, January 3, 2010

Catching Up - Tuscany Day 4: November 27, 2009

Our last morning in Tuscany dawned damp and foggy. It was hard to believe that the evening before we could see for miles along the crests of the hills below us. Now it was hard even to see the first row of trees below the house. The view out of our bedroom window was still gorgeous though!

After we packed up our suitcases, I ran around the house one last time to capture a few more photos. The rustic house looked even more cozy against the foggy backdrop.

All too soon it was time to pack into the car and head to the train station in Arezzo. We said a sad goodbye to the house and the beautiful scenery and hopped in the car.

The ride down the dirt road into town was just as bumpy as usual but we held on tight and were quite thankful that this would be our last big shake for the trip.

Woodley's parents had to be at a meeting in Rome in the afternoon so they dropped us off at the train station about an hour and a half before our train was to leave. We found our tickets, took a glance around the station, and found an empty bench on which to wait. The bench was located in the main station but was next to an open door so it was quite cold. We were a little hungry but since we didn't see any restaurants, we made do with cookies from the magazine salesman.

When our train's platform was finally announced, I decided it was time to find the ladies room before heading out to the platform to board our train. On my way, I was shocked to see a door to what looked like a cafe with a variety of food options and plenty of tables around the corner and just a few feet from the station door we had been sitting near. Sadly it was now too late to enjoy the warm building and food options and we were frustrated that we hadn't done more investigating before we settled ourselves down on our bench. We were even sadder about our missed opportunity when we realized that there was no dining car on our train. In the future, we're going to be sure to do a full investigation before settling down in train stations.

Despite that small trouble, we made it onto the train without difficulties and about 4 hours later we arrived in Venice!

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