Thursday, February 19, 2009


Above is the picture of the first breakfast I made for Woodley after we got home from our honeymoon. That was July 15th of last year. I think I set the bar for presentation a bit high since my day to day efforts since then aren't quite as nice. When I think about classic housewives of the 40's and 50's an image often comes to mind of the wife waking early to fry eggs and bacon which the husband dutifully munches before heading off to the office. 

However, I have yet to experience this scenario in our household because Woodley does not eat eggs and bacon. Instead we often have yogurt and granola, oatmeal, or on days when I am feeling particularly inspired, pancakes or french toast. I do miss the joy of seeing my husband digging in to his eggs and bacon though. I am steadily working towards the goal of getting Woodley his breakfast at a decent hour each day. However, many days I am too distracted or I am off running errands when he gets up so there is much work to do in this area. Sadly, he seems to be a bit frightened of the kitchen or at least forgetful so if I don't create the breakfast for him he most always forgets to eat any (unless it is a pile of cookies). So, one of my goals is to get our family to eat breakfast together every day - if possible. 

Notes from Today: 
This morning I went to the Netflix headquarters and participated in a focus group. It was very interesting and I felt like I was helping out a little bit which was nice. It was also interesting to see what the insides of their building looks like since I have driven by it so many times. 

After finishing up with the focus group, I headed up to Mountain View to meet up with my dear friend Valicia at her house. She will be moving to Korea sometime in the next week and had to move a bunch of her furniture to a storage facility. As is always the case, the entire process took much longer than either of us expected. However, it was a great excuse to spend several hours hanging out together and overall it was a very fun way to spend an afternoon. We also felt happy that we were getting our exercise as we two petite ladies struggled to move a bunch of heavy furniture into her storage area. 

Valicia has an extremely adorable kitty that Woodley and I might be able to cat sit while she is in Korea for the next few months. It would be so lovely to have a cat in the house - I adore cats! Since we might be traveling a bit this summer we haven't gotten any cats of our own which makes cat sitting the perfect arrangement. I hope it works out! 


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