Friday, February 20, 2009

What to wear to the ball...

Above is one of my favorite pieces of lace. I got it awhile back for less than a dollar on ebay and I love its elegant look. We use it as a dresser scarf in our bedroom and I just adore the way it looks!

Tonight is the Stanford Viennese Ball and I must start getting ready for it just as soon as I post this. The ball is a fabulous event that Woodley and I have attended together the past 4 years. We should have gone together 5 years ago but we had just met a couple of months before and we didn't know each other very well yet. I remember sitting on the floor of the dance hall during one of our discussion breaks. It was a week or two before the dance and Richard (the instructor) asked us to raise our hands if we still needed a date. I had already promised a different friend that I would go with him but as I glanced around the room I saw Woodley raising his hand. I'm not sure I even knew his name at that point, but I remember distinctly thinking that I really ought to be going to the ball with him. And here we are 5 years later going to the ball together for the first time as a married couple. It's so funny how things work out!

I have several dresses that I am thinking about wearing tonight and I'm still trying to decide which one it will be. We need to leave in a little less than an hour so I suppose I should quit writing and start trying them on! I'll have to report back tomorrow about which one wins out. There are a few floor length choices: the gold one, the vintage 50's forest green one, the pale satiny blue one that I wore to prom in high school, and the black satin one with the feathers around the top. Then there are 4 or 5 shorter ones that would be about mid-calf in length. They all are 50's style with full skirts and strapless tops.

Notes from Today:
It looks like Valicia's kitty Laila will be joining our small household for the next few months and we are so excited! To help get ready for her arrival I got in touch with the landlords about the pet deposit and started cleaning. We're having company over for dinner on Sunday night and what with the ball and the kitty's arrival and church I thought I'd better get the house in order. I started in the kitchen where I did all the dishes, wiped down the counters, cleaned out the sink, and cleaned up the stove top. It's so nice in there when it is clean! Below is a picture of my vintage style timer that I keep on the stove. I just love it!

After I finished cleaning the kitchen I moved over to the sun room where I vacuumed and dusted. After that came the dining room where I again vacuumed and dusted. I also cleaned off my green glassware that I had sitting on the counter by the window. That counter is kind of like a window seat and I thought it would be a very attractive place for Laila to explore and sit. Since I didn't want her to accidentally knock over the glass with her tail I decided to move it to the basement and to put a cat bed in that place instead. Below is a picture of the glassware before I started cleaning it off. I absolutely love blue and green vintage glassware. I collected a ton of it before our wedding and we used the pieces as vases for our centerpieces. They were absolutely lovely! I'll have to post photos of that later!

Now I'm off to get ready for the ball!


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