Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bouquets in My Kitchen

The other day when we went to the local grocery store Woodley surprised me with a lovely bouquet of roses on our way out! He said he was proud of me for doing such a good job transitioning over to life in Oslo. They are so lovely and have been brightening up our dining room table for several days already. 

On a separate trip to the smaller grocery in our neighborhood I picked up some lettuce for our sandwiches and salads. I was surprised to find that the lettuce came with it's own little pot of soil and was actually still alive! It is so cute and reminds me of a bouquet as well. After watering it and placing it in the windowsill it feels almost like we have a little garden. 

I noticed that some of the side leaves had already started to wilt so I'm guessing this type of lettuce really needs to stay in the soil as long as possible to stay fresh and crisp. How smart for them to sell it that way! It reminded me of eating fresh lettuce from my friend Tory's garden last summer. Sadly it's not a very big head of lettuce so I think it's life on my windowsill will only last for a few days. It is so nice to be able to pluck leaves off of it though. 

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