Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Fun with Leila

Here we have a collection of fun pictures of Leila taken over the past couple of weeks. She seems to be happiest curled up next to me on the bed while I work on my cross-stitch or blog. At other times she's anxiously waiting to play "toss the feather toy" which she loves to run after. 
Isn't she pretty?

She must know I'm blogging about her, she just woke up and crawled into my lap where she now sits, purring.

I love this one, she reminds me of a model. :)

She's always busy on the computer. 

Leila has found a new favorite hiding place. The other day the appraiser had to come by to inspect and take pictures of the house. For some reason Leila got very scared when she saw her coming up the stairs and immediately ran away. I wasn't sure where she had gone to but, later, when I went into the bedroom, it struck me that the bed looked a little odd: 

See the big lump? That would be Leila. 
She crawled up under the covers and was cowering there in the dark. 

Here's what I saw when I lifted the covers:

Poor scared kitty!

And here's one more. Sleeping with her little friend.


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