Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today I Realized...

Today was quite busy and filled with all sorts of special moments and lessons. Here are a few I captured on camera.

First, this morning I realized that it isn't a good idea to use parchment paper when you are broiling cheese toasts to feed your husband. This was what I pulled out of the oven. I also learned that Leila really really hates the sound of the smoke alarm. 

I absolutely love getting fresh produce from the farm each week. I picked up our basket of goodies today and was thrilled with all of it. The chard was particularly impressive. (Tomorrow I'll share a new recipe that you can make with agretti. I made it tonight for dinner and it was a big hit!)

I saw this watermelon in the store today and decided to indulge. The sweet taste and crisp texture reminds me of summer picnics and makes me long for big family picnics on hot summer evenings. 

It is so nice to be surrounded by kitties that like being close to their people! Outside we have the two neighborhood cats (Alpha and Beta). Today they watched me intently as I gardened and even accompanied me when I went down to get the mail.

Inside we have Leila. I think she was a bit sad today because I spent so much time outside and in the kitchen where she couldn't get very close to me. She's making up for it now though. Currently she's curled up in the crook of my elbow even as I'm typing. 

I really love the view out of our bedroom window. Below, in the garden, the roses are blooming and it is really quite lovely! 

And looking out the other way I can catch a glimpse of the lonely sheep grazing on the hillside. 

What a lovely day!


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