Thursday, July 23, 2009

Relaxing by the Lake

The past few weeks we have been so busy settling into our new house and getting our guest bedroom ready for company that we have hardly had a chance to sit down for a meal together let alone enjoy our lakeside location. However, since Woodley's friend Adam has been visiting us this week, we've decided to put the housework on hold and just enjoy our summer days. 

The night before last we had a late dinner, followed by several games of Spades (our family favorite!) with Adam, my mother, and my friend Kelsey (a friend from high school who amazingly lives just a few houses down from us this summer!). We enjoyed our Spades games so much that we were a bit surprised that it was 2am when we finished up. Since it was so late, Woodley, Adam, and I walked Kelsey back down to her house. 

On the short walk back home we discovered a fabulous old picnic table set out on the side of the road under a "Free" sign. Needless to say, we were thrilled! I tested it out briefly and we decided to carry the rest of the way home. It is now happily situated down by the edge of the water just waiting for summer picnics by the shore. I'm so excited to have a real picnic table now and not a shiny new one but one with character (and the best price tag ever!). 

One of our other finds within the last few days was a set of lawn chairs that were hiding in the garage. I took them down to the lake a few days ago for an afternoon game of Spades with Adam and Mom. It was such a relaxing afternoon activity. Yesterday I returned and spent a few hours with my laptop browsing and catching up on stuff from the best spot in the world!

Woodley joined me as did this duck. 

My new resolve is to spend a few moments each day sitting down by the lake and relaxing. After all, isn't that what a summer by the lake is for?


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