Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're Having a Heat Wave...

A tropical heat wave... The past few days have been hot hot hot! 

Normally temperatures during the Summer in Bellingham hit the 80s a few times per year but mostly stay in the 70s. Not this summer though. Yesterday the thermometer on the front porch hit 100 degrees and today it's been hovering just over 90. I hear records have been set all over western Washington and lower B.C.

Yesterday morning Woodley surprised me by installing the air conditioning unit we found in the garage that the previous owners had left behind. (We have been so blessed by everything they have left behind! Almost every time we think of something that would be nice to have we manage to find an old version in the garage! It's amazing!!) The air conditioner surprised us all by working magnificently and our bedroom is now a comfortable 74 degrees. 

My new little plants seem to be surviving the heat but I've taken extra care watering them this past week.

The extra water seems to have pleased this old rose which was growing next to the door to the garage when we moved in. It now has 2 blossoms and several more buds. We'll see how long they last before the deer find them!

Next to the rose bush this fabulous dahlia is taking off. It was a gift from my mom's friend Isabel and I am so thrilled that it is doing so well. I can't wait to see what color flowers it will produce. 

And in the planter box right next to our front walk, these little red beauties seem to be thriving in the heat. I planted them with the geraniums and other red flowers just before 4th of July. While the others aren't blooming much these days, these little guys are going crazy. Too bad I can't remember their name. 

Today I'm planning to scour the internet for good bulb sources so I can order a variety of crocus, narcissus, daffodils, grape hyacinth, and snow drops to plant this fall before we head back to California. It will be so fun to plant them before we leave and then see what happens next Spring. 


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