Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Hard Task of Photo Selection

For almost a year now we've been putting off the daunting task of selecting 60 of our wedding photos to go into our professional wedding album. Since the deadline is our 1 year wedding anniversary, which is rapidly approaching (less than 1 month now!), I finally forced myself to do it this week. 

I absolutely love so many of our photos that it was terribly difficult to pare them down to just 60. To help make the process easier, I laid out my top 100 or so on the dining room table and then had Woodley and our friend Becca help me narrow it down by flipping over the ones we wanted to eliminate. Eventually we were able to get it down to 60, but it was hard! 

Leila was very curious about it all and managed to slip into a picture by jumping up on the table very quickly. She knows she isn't allowed on the table and she was hastily removed once the photo was taken. What a curious kitty!

I've been thinking a fair amount about our wedding lately. I think it's because our 1 year anniversary is coming up and we also have a few friends who will be getting married in the next month or so. I actually just attended a bridal shower last weekend and there were several other newly married women there as well. It was fun to spend some time with them!

I've been thinking about doing a series of posts featuring what was going on with us 1 year ago. Since I haven't yet done anything to record my memories from the wedding planning, wedding day, and honeymoon time, this seems like a good way to do so. It was such a process! 

I'm also trying to figure out what would be a good way to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We're planning to spend a weekend down in Big Sur, where we were married, but I'd like to get Woodley something. Since a piece of computer hardware or telescope equipment seems hardly appropriate (my normal gifts for him) I'm a bit stuck. Maybe a tie would work out well... 

I'm so excited to see our finished wedding album (even though it will be several months before it arrives). Maybe I'll also be inspired to print out some bigger copies of special wedding photos have framed! That would really be accomplishing something since the only 2 photos we have on display are ones my mom printed out and sent to us! :)

Oh, and our photographer, who we have to thank for all these beautiful images, was Augie Chang of San Francisco. If you are in search of a wonderful wedding photographer we would definitely recommend him.


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