Friday, May 29, 2009

Leila and The New Couch

There's no doubt about it, Leila loves our new couch (the one we bought at the silent auction at The Aquarium). Unfortunately, the combination of her love of the couch, her need to stretch, her claws, and the nice weave of the couch's upholstery, is a recipe for disaster. Although I don't think she means to scratch the couch, we noticed very quickly that it was looking worse for wear after a few rounds of her stretches. 

To try to deter her I quickly covered the couch with a collection of towels and tablecloths. It worked. She no longer used the couch for stretching/scratching purposes. And, as you can see from the pictures, she looked quite charming nestled amongst the linens. The only problem was that the living room looked very, very messy. 

We lived with the messy looking couch for a couple of weeks before we decided to exile the couch to the family room downstairs, which is off-limits to Leila. Sadly, she'll only be with us for a few more weeks but, once she goes back to Valicia, we can enjoy our couch in its full glory. 


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