Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Loud Visitor

This morning Leila woke me up a bit earlier than I might have gotten up on my own. She hopped up onto the bed and laid down on my arm several times but each time she would rest for only a moment before jumping up again. After a few moments she ran out of the room meowing loudly. At the time I thought she was acting a bit strange, but I wasn't sure what she meant by it. 

Then I actually got up and walked out into the kitchen. Looking out of the kitchen window I saw what must have startled her:

There, sitting on the roof of the workshop, right outside my kitchen window, was a large peacock. It was quite surprising. 

When we first moved into our house there was a peacock on the property who liked to walk about on the roof and stare in through the windows at us. However, about 6 months ago the peacock disappeared and though we could still hear him calling faintly in the distance, he didn't come by to visit. 

We figured he had come back to see us again. He certainly tried to show off:

It was wonderful to see such a beautiful display so close up and from the comfort of my very own kitchen!

He does make some very loud noises though which can be a bit disturbing. His main cries sound kind of like loud meows and as he's working himself up for a good one he actually makes a honking noise that sounds like an old bicycle horn. 

Leila was very curious about the peacock.

She didn't seem to be too nervous, but instead followed him along the window sill, intently watching his every move. We wondered if she was contemplating what he would taste like. 

Eventually she settled into her kitty bed and watched the peacock from there. I think it made for a very enjoyable afternoon for her. 

We had just begun to get over the excitement when, around 6pm, our doorbell rang. When we opened the door, we discovered a rather distraught boy who appeared to be around 10 years old. He told us his peacock had disappeared and he believed it had come over to our house. We confirmed that a peacock had showed up this morning and we pointed out to him where we last saw it on the roof. 

He was very excited to see it and even had a pet name for it. I still think it might be the one that used to live over here since the boy told us that it lives outside at his house and isn't always around. Still, he did seem very attached to the peacock. 

In the end, he decided that there wasn't much he and his adult friend could do to remove the peacock and take it back to his house because there wasn't a way to capture it and get it into his friend's car. 

I think he will come back to visit the peacock tomorrow if it hasn't flown back to his house by then. 

I have to say, this is a very interesting way to meet the neighbors. 

After they left (without the peacock) we enjoyed the beautiful views around the house. 

We've had so many cloudy days lately that it was very exciting to see a bit of sun peeping out! 

Tomorrow I will report on the yummy Orange Rhubarb Jam I made this afternoon. :)


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  1. Can't believe a peacock was just wandering around your house!?!? That is so cool :)