Thursday, February 3, 2011

Åpent Bakeri

I'm hoping to take some pictures of our new neighborhood to post soon but so far it has been hard to carry the camera when we have gone out with Mary. Until I get around to that, I thought I would post some photos from one of our local hangouts, Åpent Bakeri. We are lucky to have one of these delicious bakeries just a few minutes walk from our house.

The first three photos here are actually from a different Åpent Bakeri which is located closer to downtown Oslo. We took them when we were visiting Norway in December of '09 but they do a nice job of showing off the delicious pastries and beverages. 

Mmmmmm varm sjokolade! (hot chocolate)

Here's a photo of our local Åpent Bakeri. We order at the close end of the counter and pick up drinks down at the far end. There is a great assortment of pastries, bread, hot drinks, and fresh orange juice. There is also a little room at the back with a wood stove and some tables to eat at. It is very cozy and is often quite busy. 

At the end of the counter there is always a big bowl of butter packets along with another bowl of strawberry or raspberry jam. When you get a roll you can grab a plate and dish yourself up some tasty butter and jam to spread on it. 

Delicious! Below you can see a bit of our local square. This photo was also taken in December of '09 so there isn't any snow on the ground. Right now there is definitely snow everywhere though. 

And to finish off, here's a current photo. I like to walk with Mary over to the bakery to pick up a fresh loaf of bread every few days. Thankfully most everyone in Norway speaks perfect English so it is very easy to go shopping. :) 


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