Friday, February 18, 2011

The Cutest Cupcake Liners Ever!

Earlier this week Mary and I went on a fun shopping trip in downtown Oslo. It was our first time traveling there by ourselves (without Woodley's guidance) so I was a little bit nervous but we were able to find our way there and back without any trouble. Did I mention I love, love, love the T-bane system? (Oslo's subway) Riding it reminds me of my first two years of college when I lived in Boston and rode the T quite often. Although back then it cost just $1 for a fare token and here it costs $4.40 per ticket (based on the type of tickets we have been buying). But then, everything is much more expensive here...

Anyhow, on our outing Mary and I visited a fun housewares shop that was full of all sorts of fun useful items for the home. I found some pink and purple dish towels and dishcloths (Woodley wasn't there to insist that I get blue or green so I went for the girliest colors, I'm still not entirely sure what came over me, but I have to admit, I love them!) I also found what I believe are the most adorable cupcake/muffin liners ever! Actually, I think I'll have to use them for some very special cupcakes, I think they might be wasted on simple muffins. What do you think?

I loved them as soon as I saw them and I knew they would be coming home with me, despite the fact that I don't yet have a muffin tin here in Oslo. (Back at home I believe I have at least 6 muffin tins in 4 different sizes, but the topic of my overabundance of kitchen gadgets back at home is something for another day...)

I have my special cupcake liners sitting on my kitchen counter and they make me smile every time I look at them. I'm now dreaming about what would be an appropriate occasion to break them open and use them. Perhaps Mary's 1st birthday. Maybe I'll have to go back and buy another set because I enjoy looking at them so much that I'm not sure I could bear to use them up!

I guess I do have these photos now though. : )


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