Friday, February 18, 2011


Yesterday my precious baby girl turned 6 months old! Yes, 6 months... Where did all of those days and nights go? It seems like it was only yesterday I held her for the first time and marveled at the fact that, after dreaming about it all my life, I was finally a mommy. And now it seems to be going by so quickly!

She's just so grown up now! And so adorable!

So today we went to our local Health Station to meet with the friendly Health Sister (nurse) to find out about Mary's vaccines and to check her weight and height. She is now 16 lbs. 13 oz. and 26.75 inches tall!

It turns out it will be harder than we expected to continue on with our planned schedule of vaccines because they use different versions over here. I think we will need to try to order the continuation of the series she has already started.

In addition to talking about vaccines and Mary's general developmental milestones (she's sitting like a pro now!) The Health Sister gave me a bottle of Tran, or cod liver oil as it is know in English.

(According to Google Translate the message on the bottle says, "To help you stay healthy" and "Is important for optimal development.")

All Norwegian mommies give their babies a spoonful every evening so the Health Station provides bottles for free if you need them. My mother fed me cod liver oil as a child and I'm pretty healthy today so it seems like a good idea to me. Plus, with the lack of sunlight here I'm sure Mary could use some extra Vitamin D. I took a spoonful today to try it out and memories of my childhood came flooding back... not necessarily the most positive ones though. It did taste fishier than I remembered.

Unfortunately Mary fell asleep tonight before I remembered to give her her first spoonful of Tran. She seems to enjoy eating fish so hopefully this will be viewed as a tasty addition to her daily ration. We'll try it tomorrow.

I love this image on the front of the bottle. It appears the child is asking the fish to please give it some delicious liver oil! Yum!

I'll have to report back about Mary's response to her first taste!



  1. After breastfeeding, cod liver oil is probably the single most effective environmental intervention for increasing IQ. So be careful or you'll create a supergenius.

  2. It may be too late by now, but I have been told that many parents opt to give the first sample of tran in the bath tub—because, when spilled, the smell is near-impossible to wash off clothes. And, if solely for the record: the farmacy offers liquid, taste- and odor-less vitamin D: five drops a day keep the fishy smell away.