Thursday, March 26, 2009

Growing Herbs and a Special Project Update

Above is one of our "outdoor kitties." They are the neighborhood cats who have lived around our house for several years. There are two of them, a brother and sister and they look almost identical except that the sister is smaller than her brother. Our neighbor calls them "Alpha" and "Beta" but I usually just call them both "gray kitty." It's not a very romantic name, but they don't seem to mind. I try to feed them each day and they seem grateful. They are much more affectionate that I would expect them to be and they love it when I have time to play with them. 

My herb seedlings seem to be doing well. A few days ago I moved them downstairs to a windowsill where they can get more sunlight. Tomorrow Woodley and I plan to go to the garden store to pick up some containers and potting soil so that we can transplant them when they are ready for that. It will be so exciting to be able to pick herbs from our own little garden. I do hope they survive!

I did spend some time working on "the blue room" yesterday. I definitely didn't finish but I did manage to make some progress. It has been a steadily worsening mess ever since Christmas. As I dug through it yesterday (attempting to reconnect with the carpet underneath it all), I realized that it is made up of several things: wrapping paper (Christmas and general), gift wrapping boxes, crafting supplies, and memorabilia from our wedding and celebration ball last year. My goal is to organize the wrapping supplies into two separate groups: one for Christmas wrapping and one for year round wrapping. Then I hope to stumble upon an organizational scheme for the crafting goods and memorabilia. Eventually I want to scrapbook and box up the special items from our wedding adventure. (I will have to blog more about that crazy year-long journey later, probably as I am organizing all those little bits of paper). Once it is all orderly and organized I hope that Thursday can be my crafting day! Currently I have several projects I want to do: a simple skirt, a ballgown I started before Woodley and I even had started dating, and several quilts. 

Well, it's not perfect, but at least you can see a little more floor! 

But for now, I'm off to Zaz's house to watch girly TV shows and learn more about the fine art of cross-stitching! 



  1. first, i hope you know my blog name because otherwise you'll think i'm some random person from the interwebs. not that random people from the interwebs are bad, but i'm not one of them. i am, in fact, a person you know, who just happens to live by another name in the blogosphere.

    okay, second, i'm curious what you do while cleaning. do you sing? listen to music? dance along with said music? talk to someone? 'cause for me, i can't just clean in silence. i'd need to be on the phone with someone, or watching a movie in the background, or singing along with a musical, or something like that. do you do stuff like that or just work productively in the silence?

  2. Hey there! I totally figured out who you are! Yay! I'm so excited to know about your blogs now!

    Usually I like to put on some really loud, energetic music when I'm cleaning. It totally motivates me and is the kind of music Woodley hates, so I don't listen to it too much when he's around.

    The only problem is vacuuming! I don't like vacuuming much and it is so noisy that I usually end up turing off the music because I can't hear anything over the vacuum's roar. Maybe we just have a super loud vacuum though.

    When I'm doing other more stationary chores like folding laundry or washing dishes, I take my laptop and set it up somewhere nearby and watch online TV shows (like Desperate Housewives) or documentaries using Netflix's instant watch feature. That really helps pass the time and keeps me entertained while I work with my hands!