Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Vegan Dinner

Tonight we had Woodley's high school friend Ravi and his girlfriend Nirali for dinner and testing of Woodley and Steven's latest product "RedFS." After checking in with them about dietary restrictions I learned that I would need to make a vegan dinner. It has been quite awhile since my "vegan" days back in high school so I headed to Epicurious to find some recipes. I got my menu together yesterday and spent most of today shopping and cooking. Here's what we had:
Basmati Rice
Naan (from Whole Foods - no, I didn't make that myself) :)
Carrot slices

For dessert Nirali brought a vegan banana bread and soy ice cream. They were both delicious!

I was a bit worried when I learned that both Ravi and Nirali are Indian since the main course was basically an Indian dal. I haven't ever cooked anything Indian before so I hoped they wouldn't judge me too harshly. Thankfully, it all turned out well and they both approved of the dal. I think I'll have to make it again in the future! It wasn't too hard to make and it tasted great. Below are some pictures
First I sautéed some onions.

After the onions turned golden, I added a puréed mixture of ginger root, garlic, and water as well as some spices.

I prepared the red lentils by rinsing them several times. Aren't they pretty?

Along with the lentils came several cups of vegetable broth (based on some of the reviews, I used broth instead of the water that the recipe calls for)

After that I stopped taking pictures. :) The next few steps were fairly straightforward. I added some chopped up carrots and potatoes and let it cook for awhile. Then, just before we ate I added some spinach and peas. Right before we served it, Nirali helped me make a traditional spiced oil that got added at the very end. Yum Yum! There wasn't much left at the end of dinner! Yay, a vegan dinner success!

Tomorrow night we're having our neighbors over for dinner and I'm making a completely different menu. I'll have to report back about how that goes.


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