Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sheep Attack!

This morning, Woodley and I decided to go for a little walk before he had to leave for work. I had a bill that I needed to drop off at the mailbox so we decided to do a little circle of a walk that leads us back around by the mailbox and driveway. 

At the beginning of the walk we go down a little trail across our landlord's property. They have 2 sheep that they got to help "mow" the grass on the steep hillside. This morning when we went through the gate we heard a loud "Baa" and looked up. There, towering above us on the terraced hillside was one of the sheep. We did our best "Baa" back at it, by way of being social. It continued the conversation and then began bounding down the hill towards us - stopping every few feet to let out another startlingly loud "Baa." I was a bit worried it might be planning to run us down and the prospect of being trampled to death by one sheep did cross my mind as it came hurtling down the hillside. However, it narrowly missed us at the bottom and, instead, came to a stop and looked us up and down inquisitively. It sniffed at our hands and tried to eat my skirt. It was very cute and fluffy and I got over my scare very quickly. My only regret was that I didn't have my camera with me. Oh well, I'll have to try again next time. 

The sheep was very sociable and didn't seem to want us to leave. It actually gave me a little nudge with its head when I turned around to head down the trail. As we continued our walk, it followed us all the way to the next gate and "baaed" after us when we went through. I felt a little like Mary (the one with the little lamb from the nursery rhyme). 

Now it is Wednesday, and I have decided that Wednesday will be "Special Project Day" a day to tackle projects that take quite a bit of time. For today, I plan to clean (or start to clean) "the blue room." It isn't actually blue at the moment, but it was when we first saw the house, so we continue to call it "the blue room." The plan is for it to be my sewing and crafting room. However, as you can see from the picture below, I have my work cut out for me. 

I'll work on it today and will post updates as I make progress.

And now, I really ought to get started on that! 


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