Sunday, March 15, 2009

Living with Kitty

Ahhhh the life of a cat! Woodley and I are both so thrilled to have Leila staying with us. There are funny new things we notice about her every day and a few little habits we've had to get used to. 

One is our sleeping arrangements. Leila absolutely adores our bed and spends most of her time sleeping on it. As soon as we head to bed she jumps right up and snuggles down with us. After the first few nights I noticed that her favorite spot is wedged in right between us and she likes to change positions a lot. That combination meant that I was waking up a lot in the night. We've now adjusted and we encourage her to sleep on the side of the bed which is much more agreeable for us. 

She is very good about sleeping in with us and waking up roughly around the same time that we do. Some mornings she does wake up earlier and just the other day she discovered the fun of our headboard. It has a little ledge about 2 feet above our pillows that is just wide enough for her to sit on. We discovered this new trick the same morning she did. As we sleepily opened our eyes, we looked up and saw: 

It was a little unsettling but now we are used to it. Thankfully Woodley had the camera handy. :) Here's another favorite from that morning! I think it might be my new favorite picture of her. She was just looking at us as if to say, "What in the world are you lazy people doing laying in bed on a morning like this?"

On Saturday I decided it was time to wash the mattress cover, sheets, and duvet cover. At first I decided it would be best to keep Leila out of the bedroom until I had re-made the bed (to keep fur off of the mattress since it is harder to stick in the washing machine). However, she was so sad and pitiful - longingly waiting outside the bedroom door - that I finally got a fresh sheet and lay it over the mattress so she could come back in. Here she is with one of her favorite feather toys. 

This is Leila's special room with her nest. While Woodley and I were eating lunch on Saturday she was playing on her scratching post/nest and was so cute! 

After some hearty playing she fell asleep watching the birds in her little nest! She is such a peaceful sleeper! Oh, and the chair on the left is one we found at the flea market for just $30. It is so cute but is very dirty and dingy looking. I've been thinking of getting it reupholstered but I fear it will be very pricey. I've also thought of trying to clean off the velvet myself, but I fear that might be a huge disaster. So far we've had the chair for months and nothing has been done with it yet - although we do sit on it sometimes. 


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